That sweater might not have been a good idea.

"Division" is written on the children's sweater from C&A. The black font has a white border. The font: Fraktur. Sweaters like these were sold by the fashion chain C&A. The problem: The sweaters are reminiscent of Nazi fashion. "Division Germania" is a right-wing rock band; at Nazi concerts, many men with bald heads appear in Division shirts. (taz)

C&A has now also noticed this, taken the sweaters out of the range and apologized. A C&A spokesman is quoted in "Waz" and "taz" that the company had made a "regrettable mistake".

How did this happen?

At first, a Twitter user had pointed out the similarity. Her accusation: Did C&A consciously take inspiration from a neo-Nazi label?

C&A denies that. However, the company does not explain how the lettering came about either. The company was not aware of the similarity of the lettering, writes C&A on Twitter. The company is clearly positioned "against xenophobia and racism".

Do such faux pas also happen to other companies?

In the past, Zara and H&M have attracted attention with similar failures:

  • Zara offered 2014 baby clothes in concentration camp look, the company even placed a yellow star on the chest.
  • In 2007 Zara had already sold a handbag with swastika prints.
  • H&M photographed a black boy in a sweater with the imprint "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle". Critics quickly accused the company of racism. 

In this case, numerous Nazi divisions in particular were probably happy about the free dissemination of their symbolism. C&A now promises to learn from the embarrassing incident: "We are taking this incident as an opportunity to re-examine our design, training and approval processes," the statement says.

Uni und Arbeit

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